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Diminished Value

Get a cash settlement after a significant partial loss accident to off-set diminished value

Diminished Value or Accelerated Depreciation

A vehicle with a significant accident will sell for less than an identical vehicle with no accidents.

Vehicles up to 10 Years Old

Add Diminished Value to your Drivesure replacement insurance policy on vehicles up to 10 years old.

Up to 7 Years of Coverage​

Coverage matches the term of your vehicle replacement insurance policy up to a maximum of 7 years.

Cash Settlement

Receive a cash settlement for 10% of the value of your vehicle at the time of partial loss.

Don't lose value after an accident

Traditional auto insurance doesn’t cover the loss in resale value of your vehicle after an accident.

After a significant accident, your vehicle suffers diminished value or what is also referred to as accelerated depreciation.  This is the difference in resale value of your vehicle versus an identical vehicle without an accident.

This loss is not covered under traditional auto insurance.  Some have had success suing the insurer of the at fault party, but this requires paying a lawyer and is not always successful, let alone worth the cost.  If you are at fault the likelihood of recovering diminished value is next to none.

If insured repair costs of your vehicle exceed 25% of the current value, Drivesure will pay you a cash settlement equal to 10% of the current value of your vehicle.  Coverage applies regardless of if you are at fault or not at fault for the loss.

Diminished Value Claim Calculator

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Repair Cost Threshold Settlement Amount

Add Diminished Value to one of our replacement policies

The Plus Package can be added to both New Car and Better Car Replacement.

New Car Replacement

Get the brand new model of your car after a write-off.

For vehicles 1-5 years old

Better Car Replacement

Get a car with the same market value as your car at policy purchase, plus up to an additional 25% after a write-off

For vehicles 2-10 years old

Not Your Average Replacement Insurance

We’ve designed our policies to stand out from the competition.

Locked in Premiums

Your Drivesure premium won't increase because of a claim, change in address, or young drivers.

Flexible Terms

Policy terms up to seven years are available for brand new vehicles.

Payment Plans

Finance your policy monthly through your bank account or credit card.